Gil A.  *****

“Suzanne Rasmusson is an outstanding Mortgage Loan Officer! Very professional and courteous! I’m a retired Air Force Sergeant and now working for the Department of Home Land Security. She helped me get both my homes on my VA entitlements. Something “NO ONE” else could do! Mrs. Rasmusson was direct and specific. She explained every step in the process and ensured I understood. She explained credit scores, mortgage rates and how I could obtain the best rates. She’s patient, diligent and will get the results you need to achieve your goals! ” 

Larry B.  *****

“After an awful experience with Quicken Loans I got lucky and found Suzanne. She assured me we would get this home loan done and she delivered in less than thirty days, start to finish.  My wife and I finally became homeowners! If your past credit decisions have been less than perfect trust me, Suzanne can make it happen! Great experience all the way through! Thanks Suzanne. You’re the best!” 

Sallie W *****

“Suzanne is one of the utmost hard working Loan Officers I’ve work with in a long time!! I’ve know her for over 15 years, and she is still the same - genuine, hardworking - and funny! If you’re searching for someone to go above and beyond to help you in every way to obtain a loan for that dream home - Suzanne is the one to call! She can get even the hardest loan accomplished. Thank you Suz for always being available! You’re a Gem!”

Danny F. *****

“Suzanne is a thoughtful and well-informed loan officer. She guided my wife and I through the process of buying our first home -  something we never thought we would do. She was helpful and communicated complicated issues in a way we could understand. There were times we wanted to give up because we thought homeownership was going to be hard and complicated, but she stayed strong and helped us weather the storm to own our home.  We loved working with Suzanne and highly recommend her to anyone that wants to own their first home. We can’t thank her enough.” 

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